If you ever watched any action movie (or any that has action scenes) should have noticed that some of this scenes look very dangerous, however at the same time, are amazing scenes that make the movies much more exciting! If this scenes existit, thank to the stuntmen ‘cause they exist!

Chris Hemsworth Brasil talked to stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton, one of the biggest names in this area in Hollywood and who already worked in several greats franchises and much other movies. So let’s meet the legend!

You can read the portuguese version here.

So, we know you already are in stunt career for some time now, but let’s start from the beginning. What made you choose this career?

BOBBY: I chose this career because I was a gymnast until I was 17, then live stunt shows, into commercials, then into film.

You’re also in several big franchises and great movies and is famous for being Captain America and Thor stunt. Are there many differences between doing both? Which are they?  

BOBBY: They are very different as Thor flies captain America doesn’t. Plus Thor as a character is much bigger.

Where do come from the ideas for the fight scenes? Does the actor participate in this decision?  

BOBBY: Fight arranger sets up the fights with coordinator and stunt team, then shoots Pre-viz [visualization] to be approved by director and actor etc. 

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Safety fisrt, I imagine. But there some things we can’t prevent. Have you ever had an accident or a bad injury while filming?

BOBBY:  Safety is first and foremost, and rehearsals are the most important thing. I have had injuries yes, sometimes they can’t be prevented.

You also became famous for being Chris Hemsworth’s stuntman in other films aside Marvel Universe. What is it like working with him? Do you usually work with the same actor in different movies or was it just him?

BOBBY: I have worked with Chris for 8 years now, I think we have done around 10 or more movies together now … But I started doubling actors before I meet CH, such as Daniel Craig, Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllengall, Christian bale, Channing Tatum, Henry Cavill, Chris Evans. I was working all the time all over the world before I meet Chris. But now I am in CH contract I work with him all the time.

Talking about this partnership, you also joined the Centr team. How has the experience been?

BOBBY: Centr has been great, it’s an amazing app and caters for everyone, it has everything you need from training, wellbeing, nutrition and I’m very happy to be apart of it. 

And last, but not least. You worked in “Extraction” recently and the director is Sam Hargrave, who’s also a stuntman. What can we expect from action scenes in Extraction?  

BOBBY: You can expect high octane fast pace great action movie. It’s non stop and the audience will constantly be on the edge of there seats.

Bobby Holland Hanton was in Brazil at the beginning of December and was super nice and friendly to chat with us by email. Thanks so much Bobby!

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